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Russian Vostok Base last radio communication: 2 weeks ago.

Crew status: Unknown. Possibly starving. Possibly dangerous.

Objective: Investigate camp. Be carefull.




StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Dec 03, 2021
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
Made withGDevelop
Tags16-bit, Horror, Pixel Art, Retro, Sci-fi
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksBlog, Blog


AntarcticaNWYD Demo-02-Windows.exe 103 MB
AntarcticaNWYD Demo-02-MacOs.zip 126 MB
AntarcticaNWYD Demo-02-Linux.AppImage 133 MB

Install instructions

WARNING!!! Your antivirus could protest installing Antarctica NWYD. 

Don't worry, it's just a no firmware game!!!

To install : double click on the .exe

To uninstall: Control panel

Controls: Arrows : move     X: action    I: Inventory   F: lighter   Esc: Pause   Q: quit   alt+F4: ragequit.

Consider to support this game with a coffee!!     ko-fi.com/barelygames

Soon we will try to communicate our intentions better. Please consider this game as an experiment (with bugs !;)

Here some animation test!


Development log


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Hi all! Finally we have an Instagram page! We are waiting for you! ;)

Is there any social media presence for the game or studio? Somewhere we can follow along and learn more as development progresses?

Yes we have a instagram page but actually its empty. We are working on it and soon we will start to post. The page is named "antarctica nwyd"!

Looks and plays great! Let us know if you are looking for developing/ publishing opportunities (https://www.dionous.com/)

Thank you! Interesting link :)

I failed my mission, but cool game.

I liked your speaking over the game!! thank you

Fantastic job! ❤️

Thank you very much! Enjoy it!


Thank you!

Really excited about this project but the fact that you cannot save and have to start all over again after you die to the monster (and it is still not clear where I'm supposed to go to hide) is just a huge turn off. Just horrible. 

Also your little game installs to the Appdata folder on my system drive without questions? Bro....

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Thank you for your comment, seems that communication failed in this project :). Consider this: Antarctica it's a proposal, a taste of, a perspective,a experiment. Some great friends help me in this titanic mission and that's all. This release it's a step of a evolving creature. Be sure in the future you will have "The Full Game", barely apes promise ;) 

would you try to enjoy this release in this way? Like a perspective?

About the monster,a question and a explanation for you.

Instructions are not clear?

Red bar don't need to be filled or the monster " see you" and catch you.

To low the bar need to hold x near a bed, near a column but not everywhere.

If you hold x and the player do not crouch it mean that in that place you can't hide, need to change place.

 If you enter in the red circle the monster "see you" and catch you.

If you exit the room the monster will be reset.


I'm  not sure to understand your question about app data.

Something like a "privacy policy"? Ihis case you're right. I'll try to export a version with it in.

Gdevelop games includes data about "how many session and how many players".Nothing more.Be confident.

This game it's my first time programming and was a vietnam for me ;) this game it's a miracle , not a spy, be confident please. :))))

Waiting for you!!!

Last thing if I can, I'm not your your "Bro" try to speak with respect please ;)

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Thank you for your reply. I understand where you are coming from. As I said this is a very promising project, the atmosphere is perfect and the story unfolding so far is great (I like science fiction). 

I am simply frustrated about the fact that you worked so hard to put this demo out and yet you did not include a save function of any kind. Playing your game over an hour just to check every nook and cranny and then suddenly I lose all my progress.  There is no excuse for this, don't get offended so easily. You are a game developer, people will praise AND criticise your game. That is the way forward.

And no, the instructions are not clear at first and they disappear too soon. Maybe add an option to "press a key to continue" so that people might have some time to acknowledge what to actually do.

I don't need any "privacy policy" that is not what I was talking about the Appdata folder. I just like to have an option where I install my things...just like most people do.

Finally, I understand you but you should try to understand me. The demo is like an advertisement. This is what potential customers like me experience the first time. If the experience is bad (like losing all your progress in one second) then people will likely be turned away from purchasing this great game. 

Hope it's clear where I'm coming from. I wish you great success on this project! 

thank you too. I understand your point. Repeat, Antarctica it's  an evolving creature that I hope, a day, can have wings to fly. This release moved something and we started to understand that we have support from many people. Now, with this support, we can start to imagine a definitive version of the game. 

You call me "developer" but I'm not yet. Let me finish this game and then I'll be a developer :) 

Ok for app data, now I understand your point. I really don't know how  solve it at this moment but thank you to show me the problem.  

Keep in touch untill the final version and thanx again for your comments!

This vibe... I just can't get enough of it! The expression of light and dark is wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product <3

Thank you very much! We will try to finish it!

Interesting how we saw a surprising evolution from the last demo to here. The puzzles, the stealth mode. I'm really enjoying how this game is doing. Congratulations to those involved in the work.

Thank you 5mg! 

Loving the work so far!!! The atmosphere and story are gripping and Thingian! looking forward to full game. keep up the amazing work.

Thank you puppetman! We will try to do it!

A very memorable experience. I absolutely love this game and signed up here just to leave a comment. You have done so well. The lighting, kooky effects and retro feel. It's perfect!


Thank you @blastbastion!!!This project is growing up and we are working to extend this demo to have a longer experience in game.

Thank you for your support!

Excited for this, I love arctic horror :)

Full Demo No Commentary 

Thank you!

Excellent demo. We were not ready for it end. Keep up the good work.

Thanx guys! I will try not to disappoint you

I really liked the game. It reminded me a lot of Another World and Flashback. Congratulations for your work.

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Thank you 5mg!! Great review!!

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